LIN350 Computational semantics: Schedule

This schedule is subject to change.

Assignments are due at class time (12pm) on their due date. Please submit assignments online on Canvas unless the assignment tells you otherwise.

Readings can be done either before or after class (unless noted otherwise); they are chosen to support the material covered in class.

Week 1

  • Jan 22. Computational semantics: an overview
    • Readings: an overview of computational semantics is available on Canvas under "Files"
    • Slides

  • Jan 24. Programming: first steps

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

  • Mar 9 Topic modeling, continued
  • Mar 11 Logistic regression, word2vec, and neural models: Step 4: deep neural networks
    • Initial project description due.

  • Mar 13 Class canceled due to COVID

Week 9

Spring break

Week 10

    Classes canceled due to COVID

Week 11

Week 12

  • April 6 Language and logic:
    "There is in my opinion no important theoretical difference between natural languages and the artificial languages of logicians." (Richard Montague)
  • April 8 Language, logic, and inference

  • April 10 Semantics construction: automatically constructing a logical representation for a sentence
    • Homework 3 due.

Week 13

Week 14

  • April 20 More semantics construction

  • April 22 How to represent time: What is the difference between "Sam is climbing a tree" and "Sam climbed a tree yesterday"?
    Also, the problem of quantifier scope: If "a book was read by every student", how many books total does that make?
    • Underspecification slides from Saarbrücken: here

  • April 24 Scaled-up semantics construction: the Groningen MeaningBank

Week 15

  • April 27 More on scaled-up semantics construction

  • April 29 Outlook: semantic parsing
    • Homework 4 due.

  • May 1 Outlook: logic and embeddings

Week 16

  • May 4: Project presentations

  • May 6: Project presentations

  • May 8: Project presentations

Final report due: Monday May 18, 12pm.