LIN350 Computational semantics: Schedule

This schedule is subject to change.

Assignments are due at class time (11am) on their due date.

Readings can be done either before or after class (unless noted otherwise); they are chosen to support the material covered in class.

Week 1

  • Aug 30: Computational semantics: An overview.
    • Slides.
    • Readings: An overview of computational semantics is available on Canvas under "Files".

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4: Distributional models and embeddings

  • Sep 18: Count-based distributional models
    • See the slides on Canvas.
    • An accessible introduction to count-based models is in Section 2 of this paper (but only that section)

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

  • Oct 9: Using distributional models, continued
    • We talk in class about your project ideas.

  • Oct 11: Classifiers and neural nets
    • Homework 2 due

Week 8

Week 9: Logic

Week 10

  • Oct 30: Language and first-order logic:
    "There is in my opinion no important theoretical difference between natural languages and the artificial languages of logicians." (Richard Montague)
  • Nov 1: Semantics construction and lambda calculus (lego for semantics construction)
    • Readings: Blackburn/Bos ch. 2 pages 55-66

Week 11

  • Nov 6: Lambda calculus continued
    • Readings: Blackburn/Bos ch. 2 pages 66-103
  • Nov 8: Underspecification: If "a book was read by every student", how many books total does that make?
    • Readings: Blackburn/Bos chapter 3, pages 105-109
    • Underspecification slides from Saarbrücken: here
    • Homework 3 due.

Week 12

Week 13

  • Nov 20: Review of semantics construction, and:
    Beyond first order: language phenomena that are hard to translate to logic
    • Homework 4 due

  • Nov 22: Thanksgiving

Week 14

  • Nov 27: New directions in inference that link logic and embeddings

  • Nov 29: New directions in inference that link logic and embeddings

Week 15

  • Dec 4: Project presentations

    11:00 Rishab Goel, Shashwat Tripathi and Aditya Vaidya
    11:10 Shrey Desai
    11:20 Shannon Dang and Emily Steck
    11:30 Cutter Dalton and Samuel Randall
    11:40 Rushil Danamudi, Vineel Kodikanti and Claire Zheng
    11:50 Karen Doviken and Asim Hirji
    12:00 Yifan Gao and Yang Zhong

  • Dec 6: Project presentations

    11:00 Bruno Yzeiri
    11:10 Avinash Damania, Rishabh Thakkar and Karthik Velayutham
    11:20 Claire Huber
    11:30 Nikki Grant and Jesus Hermosillo and Helen Salgi
    11:40 Lauren Wagner
    11:50 Claire Abs and Rachana Jadala

Final report due: Wednesday Dec 12, end of day