LIN 389C Schedule

Course outline Fall 2017

This semester we only have one meeting per week. Each week, unless noted otherwise, we use the first part of the class to discuss the topic of the week, and we use the second part for a round-table discussing people's research.

See this page for suggestions of topics of the week.

Week 1: Sep 5

  • Plan for the semester: Which topics to focus on, who gives talks where.
  • Extended round table:
    • Research results from the summer
    • Research plans for the fall, publication plans

Week 2: Sep 12

Guest speakers: 2:00 Greg Durrette, 3:30 Ray Mooney

Week 3: Sep 19

Elisa presents on her QP topic.

Katrin reports on the Meaning in Context (MIC3) workshop in Stanford

Week 4: Sep 26

Patrick Hanks visits our class for a discussion. (He also gives a colloquium on Monday the 25th. Please go there in preparation of our class.)

Week 5: Oct 3

We read the following papers:

Pengxiang will be leading the discussion.

Week 6: Oct 10

We read the following papers:

Su will be leading the discussion.

Week 7: Oct 17

We read the following papers:

Alex will be leading the discussion.

Week 8: Oct 24

First/third year students: please submit a short text (2 pages) describing the current status and plan for your first year paper / your QP. (This needs to be a coherent text, not a piecemeal QP draft.)

Week 9: Oct 31

Week 10: Nov 7

Week 11: Nov 14

Week 12: Nov 21

Week 13: Nov 28

Week 14: December 5