Here are some links that students might find useful while taking this course. If you find additional useful links, let me know. I am always happy to add to the list.

Online texts for the course

There is no course textbook. Readings will be from the following resources available online:

Corpus studies over breakfast

How about some recreational corpus lingistics? Language Log has some fun studies, particularly in Googlometry:

Corpus search tools

Search tools:

  • tregex: a powerful tool for searching syntactically analyzed corpora (though the query language is quite complex)
  • TIGERSearch: another powerful tool for searching syntactically analyzed corpora, with graphical display of search results

Online corpora with search facility:

  • OPUS: a collection of parallel corpora, searchable with cqp queries

Automatic corpus analysis tools


Learning Unix

Here is an online tutorial.

About Python

Installing Python:

Learning Python:

General Python pages:

The Natural Language Toolkit: