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Students and PostDocs

PhD students:
  • Pengxiang Cheng
  • Elisa Ferracane
  • Eric Holgate
  • Stephen Roller (co-advised with Ray Mooney)
  • Alex Rosenfeld
  • Su Wang
Undergraduate students:
  • Urmilla Banerjee
  • Meghana Chappidi
Past students and postdocs:


  • Islam Beltagy, 2016. (co-advised with Ray Mooney). Thesis: Natural Language Semantics Using Probabilistic Logic. Now at Quora.
  • Nicholas Gaylord, 2013 (with Colin Bannard). Thesis: The "resolution" of word meaning in context. Now at CrowdFlower.
  • Taesun Moon, 2011. Thesis: Word meaning in context as a paraphrase distribution: Evidence, Learning, and Inference. Now at IBM
  • Alexis Palmer, 2009 (with Jason Baldridge). Thesis: Semi-automated annotation and active learning for language documentation. Now at the University of North Texas.


  • Inge de Bleecker
  • Stephen Hilderbrand

Honors theses and undergraduate research assistants:

Research assistants:

  • Kelly Smith, Isogram

Diploma theses:
  • Oliver Culo, 2006. Thesis: "Methoden zur manuellen und automatischen Verknuepfung semantischer Verbklassifikationen"
  • Hajo Keffer, 2003. Thesis: "Automatic frame annotation for German"