Hybrid Class FAQ

This class meets in person 4 times this semester, as shown on the schedule page. The in-person sessions will be used for a discussion of larger issues in computational linguistics, and for a discussion of your experiences with the hands-on exercises.

All other class sessions will be offered online synchronously, with in-class interactions via zoom. The online sessions will also be recorded, with recordings available on Canvas for two weeks after the class session.

All students in the class have the choice of taking the class fully online. If you take the class online, you can participate in the in-person discussion sessions through zoom and through chat.

The class has no attendance requirement though I would recommend participating synchronously online or in person.

Office hours will be offered through zoom, with a link on Canvas.

We will use Slack for in-class discussions as well as homework discussions.

If you want to speak to the instructor in person on one of the in-person class days, please do not wait inside the building. Instead, meet the instructor at the designated meeting spot, to be announced.