Links: LIN353C introduction to computational linguistics

List of software we will use in the class

Python and Python packages:

To test your Python installation, use this Jupyter notebook.

We are using Slack for in-class discussions. Please see Canvas for the link to the class Slack space.

Using Jupyter notebooks

Jupyter notebooks that we use in class are listed on the class schedule page. Click on a Jupyter notebook link there to download the file. To access the notebook:

    • put the file in some directory

    • In anaconda, click "jupyter", then navigate to that directory with the notebook file, and select the file

    • Or, if you're not using anaconda, open a terminal, go to the directory where you put the notebook file, and type

    • jupyter notebook

    • This will open a tab in your browser where you can select a notebook file to work with.

For info on how to format text and write code in Jupyter notebooks, see this Jupyter notebook.

Learning Python

Learning Python:

General Python pages:

The Natural Language Toolkit: