LIN 392 Analyzing linguistic data: Links

The R statistics package

R is a free software package for statistical analyses. We will use it extensively in this class.

  • The R project page

    • Downloading R: I recommend using RStudio, a nice interface to using R. If you prefer a more sparse interface, use the standard R download (the site prompts you first to select a place from which to download it, a "mirror").

    • The RSeek search engine can sometimes be useful to search for R-related things, but garden variety search engines are also getting better at finding R things if you type "R statistics package" rather than just "R" (which is a bit of an impractical keyword)

R resources

Baayen's Analyzing Linguistic Data: A Practical Introduction to Statistics Using R is also available as a PDF here.

Useful R code snippets

Handling encodings

Fun and statistics