LIN350 Computational Semantics: Links and resources

Python and relevant packages

Learning Python:

Tutorials and texts about distributional models

Pre-computed spaces

Logic-based semantics in the Natural Language Toolkit

Some freely available corpora

Data that can be used to build distributional models:

    • The WaCKy corpora, including UKWaC (English web text, 2B words), Wackypedia (an English Wikipedia dump, 2B words), web corpora for French, German, and Italian. Ask me about a parsed version of UKWaC and Wackypedia if you need syntactic analysis.

Deep semantic annotation:

Systems and online demos for logic-based semantic analysis

Additional readings about logic-based computational semantics

An in-depth overview of everything:

Taking more of a practical perspective:

Focusing on the theory:

    • L.T.F Gamut: Logic, Language, and Meaning (2 volumes)